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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  April 4, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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follow us. keep it here on fox news channel. you know what is coming up next at the top of the hour, don't you? it's the o'reilly factor. bill o'reilly. have you heard of him? number one in all cable news. bill o'reilly at the top of the hour, good night from washington. >> bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight. >> the act of burning a koran is much, much more inflammatory than if you were to burn a bible. >> dozens killed in afghanistan after a florida nut burns the koran. and the media is now attempting to explain it. we'll have the latest on this very disturbing story. >> i have full faith and confidence in the military commission system to appropriately handle this case. >> bill: attorney general holder finally gives it up. khalid sheikh mohammed and other terrorists will be tried in front of the military. but why did president obama and holder waste so much time and money on their civilian trial
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crusade? juan and mary katharine will analyze. >> bill: when am i going to get in your cabinet? >> you would be great. >> bill: automatic not going to be v.p. >> you are too soft to be secretary of defense. >> bill: bernie goldberg will take a look at a possible trump candidacy and the media's reaction to. >>it to the victor belong the spoils. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. more violence by fanatical muslims and insane christian. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. about two weeks ago a so-called pastor named tori jones burned the koran in florida. fox news and other media ignored it then president of afghanistan gave a speech saying that jones should be arrested.
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that was all the nut j mullahs needed to whip up fringe elements in afghanistan. they took to the streets. murdering perhaps as many as 38 innocent people. reports are they even beheaded a few of them. of course, these people had nothing to do with the koran burning. that took place in florida. but the fanatical muslims in afghanistan couldn't care less. they wanted to kill so they killed. everyone involved in this story is disgusting. this terry jones idiot has blood on his hands. he had to know that tactic call muslims would go crazy. why are we supporting this guy. the muslim problem in the world is illustrated for all to see. reaction to the situation is interesting. general david petraeus is the commander in afghanistan. >> we condemn the action ofen an individual in the united states who burned a holy koran. that action was hateful, it was intolerant, and it was extremely
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disrespectful. >> bill: senator lindsey graham also weighed in. >> i wish we could find some way to hold people accountable. free speech is a great idea but we're in a war. during world war ii had you limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy. >> then there is the media listen to this exchange. >> if you are a muslim, the koran is directly the word of god. not written by man. it's transcribing directly the word of god. that makes it sacred in a way that it's hard to understand if you are not muslim. , to the act of burning a koran is much more, potentially much much more inflammable than if you were to burn a bible. >> directly attacking god. >> bill: it's ridiculous. the bible is a holy book, considered to be the word of god by christians and jews. but christians and jews don't slaughter innocent people when the bible is burned. do they? but it is karzai, karzai whom i hold most responsible. the book burner in florida is a
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loon. karzai holds a position of responsibility. he had to know he was whipping up dangerous feelings when he addressed the issue. for what reason? politics? there is blood on your hands, karzai. finally, talking points remains very dubious about the entire afghanistan culture. for 10 years the u.s.a. has tried to improve things in that country yet it is still barbaric in many ways. the question is how much longer can we continue to try to save the afghan people from themselves? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from washington dr. michael o'hanlon an analyst at the brookings institution and dr. michael scheuer, former cia guy and author of the new book "osama bin laden." dr. shroyer, are we at a point now where it's not worth staying in afghanistan anymore. >> way past the point, bill. we have lost the war. the afghanistan people don't want us there. we're just in a bad position. mr. karzai's family is kept in power so it can run drugs,
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apparently. but most severely and most problematic at all young marines and soldiers are dying so that mrs. mohammed can vote in rigged parliament. absurd and obscene waste of young americans. >> bill: what happens though? because the united states presidents and the presidents of the british and some other nations have tamped down the violence and made it impossible tore the taliban to operate so they cantor temperature people and all of that, you know, at will. what happens if we do pull out of there? i mean, they reconstitute the taliban government. the al qaeda people come back in they do what they did before 9/11 there. all of the people who died their lives have been wasted. >> that question should be directed as mr. bush and mr. obama have ho have decided not to win the war because they want to win hearts and minds instead of killing america's enemy. >> bill: is it winnable? you would have to go in with a
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meat cleaver and kill a lot of civilians. is it winnable? >> if you don't want to win, sir, you don't go to war. >> bill: it's true but you do the scorched earth, the russians tried that in afghanistan and they lost, too, with the scorched -- -- >> -- bill, they lost because they wanted to stay. the only mission in afghanistan was a 15-month punitive operation to kill as many as we could and get out with the knowledge we might have to do it again. >> bill: all right. now, mr. o'hanlon, you disagree with this but the essential question tonight is, when americans see rampaging afghans killing people because some loon in florida burned a koran and we say we are spending billions and billions of dollars and losing thousands of american lives to protect these people? what say you you? >> well, i hear you. and it's a complex thing. i have to say, first of all, it's not fair to call this strategy just that of president bush and president obama. general david petraeus and general stanley mcchrystal, two of the greatest warriors in our modern nation's history are very
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integral on how we have been trying to fight this and try not to kill huge numbers of civilians. it's not fair to i ply this is a politician's condition because qulof of the stomach for this fight. people who have been in this fight longer than anyone else are the ones who came one this strategy. i take your point this is not a week easy to defend this war and not defend the behavior. i will refer to another dimension of it which as you said was a disturbing reaction by the afghans and by president obama. i will point out that afghans are still generally speaking on miss stick about their future and more the most part they don't want us to go home yet because they real lives they don't have enough strong enough arm to do it on their own. i'm not saying it exus anything else that happened in the last week. the people are more hopeful group. >> it's hard for mow to quantity tie what percentage of the
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afghan people reasonable and what percentage are not. we see these kind of things over and over again. we know the taliban. we know what they do. yet, the taliban ha support in that country to some extent. >> yeah. the taliban has about 5 to 7% support in any poll i have seen. admittedly polling is not going to be perfect in a war zone. the polling has shown that we have lost over the i-original bush had 90% of popularity as he did in the united states. our support went down to the 30s to 40s. 70% in afghanistan want us to stay. that's in dire contrast to
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the bad muslims throughout the world. >> the problem, bill, is that we have never come to grips with what the war is about. we continue to tell the american people, for example, mr. obama, mr. bush that this has to do with our culture, with our women in the workplace, with our elections. we're being attacked because of what we do in the muslim world in terms of foreign policy. that's not to say the policy is wrong. it's as i remember mr. i to understand the motivation. >> in afghanistan we attacked them because the taliban actively held al qaeda and the taliban were brutal and had nothing to do with us. the way the taliban treat women, treat any infidels is off the chart. have nothing to to do with the u.s.a. they are villains, they are bad muslims. >> bill, it's none of our business. we can't safety entire world. we have enormous problems at all. if think want to treat the women this the way they do, let them. no marines should die so mrs. mohammed could vote that's a simple bottom line.
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>> bill: do you think most of these are what we see. >> i think most like occupiers. there has been their position for 2700 years. >> bill: i can't get a handle on the percentage of the muslim problem. it's driving me craze. thank you. next on the run down president obama and attorney general oirk finally give it up. they will try the terrorists in they will try the terrorists in military
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, for years i have been saying it was absolutely insane for the obama administration or anybody else to want to try terrorists detained at guantanamo bay in civilian court it was a waste of time andcolosal waste of money. finally today the obama administration gave it up. >> today, i am referring the cases of khalid shakd mohammed. bin al shibh. and must taf have a al save saw buy to the department of defense to proceed in military commissions. >> bill: joining us now from washington mary katharine ham and st. louis juan williams. pretty embarrassing for holder, right? >>. no i don't think so. i think what holder said is true. that in january when the congress approved the defense appropriation bill. $725 billion, bill, they put in rules that said that the
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military could not transport these folks on to american soil. >> bill: right. >> couldn't house them. there there was no way to have the trial on american soil. these folks were not tried. >> juan. congress, right? the congress of the united states, democrats control the house -- the senate, right? >> correct. >> okay. this was voted upon and approved. you are telling me that's not an embarrassment to the obama administration which put all its credit on the line to get these people in civilian court. both republicans and democrats said you know what? we are wrong, we are not going it do it, didn't they? >> yeah. >> that's not embarrassment, juan? >> that's not embarrassment, bill. if somebody says i'm standing on my principle and my principle is that americans -- crimes committed. >> and crazy your principle is wrong and you are a nut. that's not embarrassing? >> that's always possible. but i'm just telling you these guys were saying that this system, this military commission system is not the standard -- doesn't hold to the standards of american law.
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>> bill: nobody agrees with it, juan. 66% of americans in the polls say they are crazy. in the only sane way to do it? >> you are so into polls, bill. one of the things that some the people who like these military commissions say they don't want to trust an american jury. i don't think it's a poll. i think it's a jury sits and makes a decision about guilt. >> bill: i don't know about that enormous amount of expense, circus trial. could compromise national security according to rolling stone magazine. >> under the bush administration we have convicted a number of people. >> bill: took four years for the last guy. how familiar money did it cost hundreds of millions of dollars, juan. we don't have it we are broke. 495 a day in the military system. donuts and coffee they already work for us. marry catherine is, this embarrassing? >> yeah. the problem started before congress got involved in making new rules as barack obama often does he made giant pronouncements and had no on the
11:16 pm
job plans for making it happen. he and holder went along and the public revolts and the congress particularly revolts i think in this situation going out there the base is mad because they are going throughout saying we still believe it's wrong and give up by it i think what was going on thinking in 20011, less than a year before 2012, do i want to be the guy paying ksm in new york stock exchange. >> i want you to answer this question honestly, okay? >> aren't i smarter than eric holder the attorney general? even though i'm not a lawyer -- >> -- forget about it you have your thumb or your finger i should say right there in terms of. >> bill: i said this six years ago. this is insane. >> i'm not arguing that with you, okay. >> isn't it a situation -- >> -- want to know what the person people are thinking, you have got it but, bill, this is about law. we should uphold the laws and standards of american. >> the supreme court has already said this is legal, juan.
11:17 pm
isn't it frightening, mary cath rib and your humble correspondent is smarter. i'm worried about the country. i'm worried. >> i'm not worried at all, bill. here's the problem, think didn't think this through. i would think you would have have brought it through. >> here is the problem. i don't think it is based on actual great conviction because from the beginning they were saying oh, we'll definitely -- no, we will definitely get -- >> bill: we're not giving you any money. you have got to try him there. you want to take him to illinois, we are not going to give you any money for the plane ticket. you can't do it. of course that's the reason. they haven't changed their mind. they haven't seen the light. >> listen to me. from the beginning they were saying. >> bill: that's frightening if they don't know that it's crazy to try these people in civilian court to the tune -- it was estimated if khalid sheikh
11:18 pm
mohammed was tried in manhattan which is what holder was wanting them to do it would cost $800 million over a four year period. come on this is insane. >> they caused out of thnt until proven guilty. we are for sure going to get convictions about agencying about making it about principally or rule of law. their principles. >> all prosecutors go into it thinking they are going to get a conviction. my point to you and to bill. >> it was more than that he guaranteed it. >> america wants to be able to say to the international community, everybody, we tried these guys by american law and we upheld american law. we didn't do anything different. >> they can say that if you are overseas and you attack us, the military is going to handle you. that's american law. >> it wasn't overseas it was on american soil. remember. >> bill: they were captured overseas, juan, that's where the crime began. >> revamped anyway.
11:19 pm
>> bill: anybody captured here doing it goes right into the system. come on, don't mislead. >> crime was here. >> obama wasn't even anti-tribunal from the beginning. >> bill: got to go. president obama ahownses his re-election campaign has become. where did it ever stop. brit hume has some thoughts in just a few moments. hey buddy, wattaya lookin' a-oooh.
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>> bill: president obama's campaign officially underway. others had to cancel in may because there are sue so few announced candidates. joining us from washington fox news political analyst brit hume. we had congressman michele
11:23 pm
bachmann on tomorrow. do you think she is going to run. >> if sarah palin does not she probably will and she may anyway. >> bill: she is not going to wait for palin. she is going to go test the watters in iowa. i think that's a definite because she is out there now running around, right? >> no doubt she has a following within the republican party. how great it is remains to be seen and how well she will be -- how effective she will be as a campaigner remains to be seen. she is a factor. she is somebody whether the republicans decide they want to nominate her or not and i think she would be a risky candidate in some ways, they need to be careful how they treat with her because she does have an enthusiastic following in the party. you don't want it alienate them in the fall. >> bill: same thing with bachmann as it is palin some people don't believe intellectually i don't say that snars smarts are concerned but frame of reference wise, life experience. able to evaluate unintended consequences, put things into perspective that they have
11:24 pm
questions about that. do you think -- is that what you are indicating problematic in her? >> yeah. think so, bill. i think that the issue for the two of them is how independents react to them. look, i think either of them could be elected if the conditions are like they are today with all this uncertainty in the world, the unemployment rate still high. the deficit still seemingly out of control. republicans could nominate almost anybody. let's assume more neutral conditions more favorable to the president. in which the candidate may matter more. my sense about it is independents who swung toward obama to carry him to victory in 2008 and away from him to carry republicans to victory from 2010 might be turned off by either of those two candidates thinking they are too radical or too right wing or too odd or whatever. maybe not be fair but i sense from the polling that's how independents may react. >> bill: okay, romney is the establishment candidate. is he running.
11:25 pm
you say? >> i say romney will be more of a problem getting i had i had his greater problem would be getting nominated. i think he would be a fine general election candidate. most people regard him as completely acceptable alternative if they want to make a change from this current president from. what i know of him he is a fine man. has a problem conceptual similarities between the health care program enacted under him in massachusetts and obama care. he has tried every which way to distinguish them i think with limited success. that's a burden to him much more of a burden. >> bill: troubles in the iowa, he will win new hampshire. >> that health care program remains a mill stone around his neck. >> bill: newt gingrich? >> i'm not sure he is going to go. i think he would love to be president. intellectual capacity to be president and perhaps he does. he is volatile figure though. it must be remembered that he has an instinct for the jugular that makes him say extraordinary things at times. is he a hot personality and some
11:26 pm
ways i think he might be a risky candidate although is he a bright guy. there is no doubt about that and he has got a lot of interesting ideas. >> bill: bill tim pawlenty? >> he may be perfect example of what this race may be about. tim pawlenty would be seen by most voters as acceptable and plausible alternative to president obama who obviously will be renominated and if they want to make a change, i think people would be comfortable with pawlenty. is he going to set the republican party in the country on fire with enthusiasm? probably not. but he seems a responsible man. is he a decent man. is he an attractive man. is he a well-spoken man and i think people would say he will be okay. >> bill: he and romney are pretty much on the same track, right? >> yeah. they fit the same niche in a sense. don't they? >> bill: same old establishment guy. >> pawlenty doesn't have any conspicuous baggage. >> no. but people don't know him people didn't know barack obama either.
11:27 pm
>> obama, the media it never hurts to have the media behind you. >> bill: that's big. >> i will tell you, in the end bill, the conditions are what count. conditions adverse to the president, pawlenty and romney both are the kind of candidates who i think could win without any trouble. >> bill: you saw my interview with donald trump. >> i did. >> bill: first of all is he going to run and second of all is he a viable candidate. >> i think is he not going to run. if he did he would not be a viable candidate. for those of us who cover politics it would be glorious fun to watch. >> bill: why do you say he isn't viable? >> i would say that he does -- his profile of his views does not measure particularly well with the republican party. and he says the darn test things. he is having a ball saying them and interesting to hear him say them. he says. to the victor go the spoils, you keep the oil. they are fun to hear and kind of fun to listen to. you know they are going to stir up tremendous amount of
11:28 pm
controversy. republicans don't want their candidate to be the issue. they want the president to be the issue. >> bill: interesting. all right. thank you, brit. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. factor investigation, judge in utah may release a child rapist who has not served a day in prison. this one is going to make you angry. then, bernie goldberg on how the media is treating a possible trump presidential run. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. if your racing thoughts keep you awake... sleep is here, on the wings of lunesta. and if you wakup often in the middle of the night... rest is here, on the wings of lunesta. lunesta helps you fall asleep and stay asleep, so you can wake up feeling rested. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machine until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occu
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>> bill: in the factor investigation segment tonight, horrendous situation in utah. lonnie johnson charged with 21 counts of child sexual abuse including five counts of rape. taken into custody in 2007. and a year later deemed incompetent to stand trial by judge james taylor who said johnson suffers from mental illness. now, a different judge james brady says johnson not a danger to society, which means he may go free. judge taylor will make the final call. joining us now from salt lake city the mother of a little girl to was abused by johnson and craig johnson, no relation, the
11:32 pm
man who was prosecuting the case. how can this be happening, mr. johnson? i mean i don't understand this. if the guy is incompetent to stand trial, just a few years ago, i mean, we are talking 2007, how in 2011 is he no danger to society? i don't get it. >> well, bill, we're actually frustrated and perplexed. that's why we have come out like this. we tried to pursue a civil commitment and tried to find that he has a mental illness and substantial danger to society. but there is a gap in the law. and it affords too much unfettered discretion to a handful of psychiatrists who find that because the last two and a half years he has been a model patient at the utah state hospital that he is no longer a danger to society. admittedly, he has not been rubbing elbows though with girls under the age of 18. >> bill: can he be retried then if he is found to be incommittee tent that he has come back from mental illness, you can try him? because he has never been tried. >> yes, we can. the criminal proceedings have been on hold while the
11:33 pm
competency issue has been addressed. >> bill: can you bring charges against him. >> can i if we restore him to competency. he is not confident and able to be restored to confidence. we are going to explore that. >> they have to say he is competent? >> no. they have to say that he -- he cannot be restored to competence and then we have to admit the case because we can't prosecute someone who cannot appreciate the charges before them. that's why we tried to get the civil commitment. >> bill: if they do that though, they are basically going to let him loose. how can they let somebody loose who is allegedly committed these heinous crimes and he was convicted of other sexual abuse crimes in oregon. okay, before this. >> it highlights a loophole. that's what we are seeking to close for the legislature. >> bill: judge can order him held, correct? taylor? >> the judge can order him held to get his competency readdressed at the state hospital. that's up to the judge this thursday. we will seek to have that happen. >> bill: and if they let him go,
11:34 pm
it's going to be unbelievable. now, your little girl was 8 years old when this johnson abused her? >> yes. that's when it started. >> bill: and what happened? tell us what happened there. how did the guy get in proximity to your daughter? >> he married her aunt so her father's sister. so he became part of the family. and the other victim, my niece, was his stepdaughter and they were close. my daughter and her and they spent a lot of time together. and as part of the family, they would have sleepovers and the families would camp together. and have parties together. and he was able to get around her and do these things. >> bill: did she say anything to you about it? >> she didn't. i was saying that he threatened her with the fact not physical harm but that if she said
11:35 pm
anything her dad would kill him and then he would go to prison forever and she would never see him again. and the bond between my daughter and her father is so close that that terrified her and her dad has a temper and i mean she kind of believed that as an 8-year-old child. >> bill: in that situation you don't know what they're going to do. >> he knew. >> bill: has the daughter been able to get by this at all? what's her condition now? >> she is awesome. she has dealt with it she has had some counseling. and i think she has gotten by with it she has a great little family she started. she. >> bill: that is good. >> she would like her day in court. >> bill: of course. all of these girls would. there are legions of them for this guy. so the governor we contacted the governor, gary herbert, and he says that he is not comfortable with this guy being out on the street no matter what judge
11:36 pm
walker rules. does that mean anything to you, mr. johnson? do you think that the guy -- the odds are -- i think the guy has got to stay. i don't think the state of utah can let him out? >> very encouraging to hear the governor way. in i will certainly get in touch and we will see what options we have. legally our options are rather few at this point. we are trying to push legislation to make sure that there is no place lonnie johnsons in the future. so we pray for these children that they are safe. and keeping him behind bars. >> bill: can't let him out. the guy is a child rapist. second beef. convicted on one and how many girls are involved here, mr. johnson, real quick? how many? >> with two additional young ladies. >> unbelievable. all right, thank you. and we will tell everybody what happens on thursday. we come right back, how is the media handling donald trump who says he may run for president? bernie goldberg on that. then meat loaf going crazy on national tv. we will tell you why.
11:37 pm
coming right back. [ robin ] my name is rob.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. millions of people saw my interview with donald trump last week where he laid out his vision for the country and the world. as you know mr. trump says he might run for president and the media is kind of confused about how to cover that joining us from miami the purveyor of bernard mr. goldberg. first of all do you take donald trump seriously in this regard? >> let me start out by talking in the capacity of a reporter, not an analyst. i spoke to someone today, bill. someone who was in a position to know and that person tells me that donald trump has made up his mind and that as of today barring any unforeseen circumstances he will, he will run for the nomination of the republican nomination for president of the united states.
11:41 pm
that's as of today. and that's barring any unforeseen circumstances. that's what i learned today. >> bill: now that you have reported that the media has an obligation to scrutinize donald trump or at least weigh in on him because he has got a lot of money and he is obviously getting a lot of attention. do you think the media will cover him fairly? >> no. >> how have they done so far? >> no. i don't think they will. and i think there are two reasons for that one, is that they don't believe is he a serious candidate in that they don't think he is going to run. they think it's all publicity and my source, you know, could be wrong. but one reason is they don't take him seriously as a candidate who will run. second reason is they don't take him seriously because journalists see things through a certain prism. that's a prism of politics. what they don't understand, even the journalists that i have a lot of respect for, what they
11:42 pm
don't understand is that millions of americans who live between manhattan and malibu think that donald trump's greatest asset is that he is not a politician that he doesn't talk like a politician or think like a politician. and that he is a businessman and most politicians couldn't run a lemonade stand. that's the disconnect between the journalists who will be covering donald trump and the people they are reporting for. the people who live in the united states of america. >> bill: so far the reportage has been kind of snarky, i would say. not vicious like palin. not at that level at all. but, you know, condescending. look at this guy. what he says. and i was actually accused of that when i interviewed him but i was basically challenging him and i absolutely have no intention to diminish what he wants to do. but, the palin thing, outsider,
11:43 pm
governor, you know, populace, trump is a populace, bachmann is a populace, the press doesn't like that. so far they haven't really unloaded on trump. >> yeah. but if he decides he is going to run, as i was told today that he will, then you can expect even more snarky coverage. >> bill: is it going to reach the palin level? is it going to be that hostile? >> it will if he catches on if he doesn't catch on it won't. the media is insular. he were the least important governor in the united states they would take him more seriously than donald trump businessman and tv show, you know, impresario. whatever you want to call him. they just don't take that kind of thing seriously. i want to emphasize the point i made earlier that to a lot of americans it is a big plus in
11:44 pm
this day and age not being a politician. >> bill: i know. >> that's what trump has going for him. >> the media can get you off your game by relentless personal attacks and we have seen that in the sarah palin stuff. beginning to mock you. get on all shows. the late night guys go after you. "saturday night live" and they make you a joke it. >> will happen. >> yes, i think it will do as you said trump starts to get traction. g.e. tax story where they are not paying any taxes because they are marking money offshore and ceo jeffrey immelt is heading up a presidential commission on trying to get jobs in the united states. so, i mean obviously this can't go on much longer. there hasn't been outcry about. this some reportage, not a lot. >> this is something you know bill. but let me explain to the civilians out there how this works. when producers and anchors come n the morning and even before
11:45 pm
they come in in the morning. the first thing they do is read page one of the "new york times." that's how they decide what they are going to put on the news that night. because the "new york times" sets the agenda. if the "new york times" went on strike they would have no idea to put on the nightly news are we supposed to believe in this case that brian williams and his producers read page one of the "new york times" and then decided that this wasn't a news story? no. that's not now it happened. this was embarrassing. >> bill: the "new york times" did run this on page 1? >> yeah. they did. this was simply a matter. it's very simple it was embarrassing to one of nbc's parent companies. that's why they didn't run it but nbc, by the way. they lose credibility when they do that because then the viewer understands that they care more with about themselves than they care about the viewer. >> bill: i don't want to stick up for nbc. you know how i feel about them. the financial press in general didn't really rush to this story. they didn't. because the financial press in general upholds loophole that
11:46 pm
allows g.e. to park money offshore. i have got to go. real quick on the last word? >>. no. no. >> bill: so bernie breaks "the big story." he is saying that at this point trump is running and he was right about couric being out of there at cbs. you got to take it seriously. thank you, bernie. in a moment, how is that cherry sheen tour going on. it's a winner, right? -- maybe not. we will tell you what happened in detroit and chicago. in detroit and chicago. up it's positive. positive? we're gonna have a baby. ♪ ♪ now, when i was a litt boy ♪ at the age of 5 ♪ i had somethin' in my pocket [ male announcer ] the four-door sports car. we're gonna have a baby. [ male announcer ] nissan maxima -- innovation for daddy... we're gonna have a baby! [ male announcer ] ...innovation for all.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, reality check where we tell you the truth, even if it hurts. check one, charlie sheen picking up money doing a live show he opened in detroit over the weekend. reviews were not good. >> charlie sheen, thinking he was the president of warlocks. babbling on and on until i wanted to throw up in my seat.
11:50 pm
>> terrible. i sat around for an hour and didn't get to see nothing answered comes out and i could have watched this on tv. why do would i want to pay that much person. >> i paid $300 to be here. >> everybody walked out. everybody is booing him. they walked out. there was more people smoking than there was in there in the theater. >> i texted my husband and said grab her coat and we will meet you at the front door. it was not entertaining and i like him. >> well, the next night in chicago at least one guy liked him. >> some people shouting out puts them in their place. really good. really down to earth. doing a great show. >> okay. next stop, cleveland. 23 cities in all. check 2 howard deep might consider going on the road but then again as the four tops once sang it's a the same old song. >> biased it not the problem. it's something that makes us mad but it's not the problem. it's when you become a
11:51 pm
propaganda outlet. what fox news is not -- says often not true and they know it's not true and they say it anyway. it is not a news organization it is a very expensive, incredibly well funded right wing pop propaganda organization. >> bill: pointed to the sarah palin death panel comments to bolster his case. don't know what the big deal is, howard, we reported them, the folks decided and by the way and governor dean will never face me ever in a million years will he do that. check three the edebate in over spending cuts continue to rage in washington. new report says this 41% of americans believe the republican party is the more reasonable about cutting spending. 29% say the democrats are the
11:52 pm
intend to kill. last year she was convicted of child abuse. she was sentenced to time served in jail 88 days. um-huh. karma. check five,-year-old dog named bon has been found alive after floating for three weeks on tsunami debris off the coast of japan. the mixed breed female was reunited with its owner after the japanese coast guard picked her up. so far nobody can explain this could be miracle because the dog, bon had no access to food or water that we know of. we don't know how it survived there it is, good story. check six, last week the factor reported that millions of people are going online to hear a song by 13-year-old rebekah black. ♪ friday, friday ♪ getting down on friday ♪ everybody is looking forward to the weekend ♪ tomorrow is saturday ♪ and sunday comes afterwards.
11:53 pm
>> bill: i wrote that song by the way. now comedian jimmy fallon and stephen colbert performed a cover of that song for charity. ♪ friday, friday ♪ getting down on friday ♪ everybody's looking forward to the weekend ♪ tomorrow is saturday ♪ and sunday comes afterwards. ♪ i don't want to -- ♪ friday, friday ♪ getting down on friday ♪ everybody is looking forward to the weekend. >> bill: these guys made rebekah sound like aretha franklin, didn't they? way to go, rebecca. i'm starting to like you. that is reality check. pinheads and patriots on deck. the singer meat loaf goes nuts. right back with p and p. ♪
11:54 pm
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[ male announcer ] how could a luminous protein in jellyfish, impact life expectancy in the u.s., real estate in hong kong, and the optics industry in germany? t t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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it's got a calculator. thanks, dad. this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that's just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules. >> bill: pinheads and patriots starring meat loaf getting a little crispy. but first elizabeth warren has a new -- but first, lis wiehl has a new book out. a great deal because we like you guys.
11:57 pm
scary those books. last one she killed me. now to the mail: >> bill: excellent! . >> bill: who wouldn't be judith?
11:58 pm
. >> bill: disagree. a skeptical look is not a smirk. i challenge every guest. mr. trump said something i thought was questionable, i reacted the way i always do. that's the no spin zone concept. no smirk zone. sometimes i have a tick that might be what you are seeing. >> bill: beck is not running for president. >> bill: i hope your son is okay. got a prayer for him. >> bill: i'd like to again thank the clothing company geoffrey beene for donating $50,000 that put us over the
11:59 pm
million dollar mark. details on besides jessica's law that was the most amazing thing we've done in the 14 years we've been doing this. >> finally, the rock singer meat loaf getting attention on the celebrity apprentice program. >> that paint is mine. i'm [ bleep ] sing and tired of you mother -- [ bleep ] >> no, no. >> you look in my eyes i am the last person in the world you ever want to [ bleep ] with! >> bill: meat loaf a little intense. is he a pinhead or patriot for entertaining us that way. >> 96% of you believe that schumer is a pinhead. 4% believe he's a patriot, including his mom. that's it for


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